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After all, this is where the majority of time will be spent and buyers are keen to ensure that everything inside the home is as it should be.

However, it would be wrong for vendors to solely focus on the inside of their home because there are very strong reasons why the outside of your home has a big role to play in selling your home. At Austin Property Services, we are here to provide you with a range of services that will help you sell your home and the importance of a good looking garden and the kerb appeal it offers you cannot be overlooked.

Make the most of spring by spending time in your garden

Now that we are in spring, you are probably looking to spend more time in the garden. We were treated to a few pleasant days of weather in February but this took many people by surprise. Therefore, it is likely that March and spring is the first opportunity you have to plan on spending some quality time in your garden.

The reason that your garden is vital in creating a positive first impression is that there are two key areas when the buyer sees the outside of your home:

  1. The first image of a house on a property portal is usually an exterior shot, so this image is the first picture a prospective buyer sees
  2. When a prospective buyer attends your home for a viewing, they see the outside of the home before the inside, so this creates the initial impression

While you are unlikely to make a buyer make an offer by having a great looking garden, consider the impact a terrible looking garden can have on a garden? If the outside of your home is in poor condition, the buyer may form a negative impression of your home and no matter the condition of the inside of your home, they may decide against making an offer on your home.

Get to work

A lot of the work you need to do in the garden is to tidy it up and make sure it looks presentable. If you should clean and declutter the inside of your home before welcoming buyers, the same can be said for the outside of your home.

Mow the loan, trim hedges, ensure that all paths are in great condition and tidy away toys or unused accessories. You want to create as much space as possible, and it always helps to have a neat and orderly garden.

If you have the chance, plant some seasonal flowers or plants to add some colour and make sure that your garden area has a sense of vitality and energy around it. This can create a positive impact that puts buyers in a positive frame of mind.

Adding lights is a smart idea

If you are looking for a quick tip to improve your garden, add some lights. There are a number of benefits to be enjoyed with lights in your home, including:

  • Being able to enjoy the garden for longer in evenings when the temperature is pleasant but the light has faded
  • Making the garden area safer by illuminating paths and walkways
  • Minimising the likelihood of opportunistic thieves by properly illuminating the garden area

Other tips you should consider when improving your garden in spring includes:

  • Power-washing all paths and drives
  • Giving your front door a fresh lick of paint
  • Making sure drains and pipes are in a suitable condition
  • Checking the condition of all door frames and window frames

When your garden looks good, you create a stronger impression on people who have an interest in your home. If you are keen to sell your home, it makes sense to get as much help as you can. Contact Austin Property Services and we will be more than happy to help you sell your home.


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