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A lot of these things are completely under your control and it is up to you to impact on them. However, you will also find that many things are out of your control, or that you may only have a slight chance to impact on them.

It may be that you suffer from noisy neighbours, and if these neighbours impact on your quality of life, your life could be a misery. Here are some tips to make home life better if you are dealing with noisy neighbours.

Don’t make a rash decision

If you have been woken in the middle of the night, it is natural that you will be angry and that you will want to resolve the matter there and then. However, this often escalates the problem. If you can, you should always wait for a few hours or get some sleep before you broach the subject.

This will allow you time to calm down, so you can act more rationally, and it may allow for your neighbour to consider their actions.

Face up to the matter

While you may have concerns about facing your neighbour about these matters, it is usually much better to contact them directly and broach the matter face to face. You may think that an anonymous note will allow you to avoid any fall-out of your complaint, but this style of note often adds to an acrimonious feeling and in many cases, leads to the neighbour’s behaviour deteriorating.

Try to look forward

Rather than looking back at events that have happened, why not try to address the matter going forward. If you have been woken by loud noises or a party, why not request a bit of advance warning or consideration ahead of any future event.

Do other neighbours feel the same?

It may be that other neighbours agree with you on this matter and would be willing to support your claims. In this regard, there can be safety and strength in numbers, so it makes sense to ask around and see if other people are willing to stand with you on this matter.

Record noise

If you intend on making a complaint, or you want to provide proof to your neighbour as to how their behaviour impacts you, record the issue. This will give you something that you can argue with and it will help bring the issue to the attention of your neighbour, who may not believe that there is a problem.

If you have followed these tips and the problem still exists, you will likely need to escalate the matter. The obvious step is to make a complaint to the local council, and they will advise on how you should proceed with the matter.

At Austin Property Services, we know many things impacts how happy your home life is, and we want you to enjoy your home. Whatever issue you have with the local property market, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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