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We know the most common mistakes made by vendors, and we are here to help you avoid these mistakes.

Not carrying out repairs is a major mistake

Just because a homeowner has learned to live with problems and items needing improved at their home doesn’t mean a buyer will. If there are problems in your home, it is vital you take the time to carry out repairs.

If a buyer sees problems and items needing fixed in a home, they will question the condition of the property. They may ask for a discount on the asking price of the property, or they may turn their attention elsewhere. Before too long, you will find your home doesn’t appeal to buyers, and selling your property becomes a very challenging process.

You can avoid this issue by carrying out repairs before you place your home on the market.

Not hiring an experienced local agent is a big mistake for vendors

The importance of a local estate agent who knows the market cannot be overstated. It is vital you connect with buyers, but you need to know who the most likely buyers are, and what they want from your property.

By working with a skilled and experienced agent, you can connect with buyers in an efficient and effective manner. If you don’t know what buyers are looking for, it becomes extremely difficult to attract buyers, and sell your home.

Not pricing your home property is a leading mistake for many homeowners

You will find proving the property at too high or too level is a big mistake which affects buyers. If you are looking to sell your home in the most efficient and effective manner, think about the way buyers search for homes.

Buyers begin the property search by setting a minimum and maximum price in an online property portal. If your home is above or below that price, it will not show up in the information provided to buyers. Therefore, it is vital you are in the right criteria for the buyers you wish to connect with.

If your property is priced too low, you will attract attention, but you will receive less money if you sell at this price. If your property is priced too high, you may struggle to drive buyers to your property. Both of these outcomes are best avoided, so if you are looking to sell your home, make sure you price your home accurately.

If you want to sell your home, we can arrange a valuation for you. At Austin Property Services, we are pleased to say we have assisted many vendors sell their home, and we look forward to helping you.

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