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At Austin Property Services, we are more than happy to deal with buyers on your behalf. We connect vendors and buyers, and our knowledge of the local market ensures we can answer the questions which are most likely to occur. However, we know vendors want to stay involved in the sales process, and this is why we want you know the questions buyers are likely to ask.

We can minimise the questions a buyer will ask

One of the most important things an agent can do is provide potential buyers with all the information they need. If you can answer questions before they are asked, you make buyers feel more confident about the property. You shouldn’t have a buyer enquiring about how many bedrooms or bathrooms a property has, or whether the property has been nicely decorated.

The property listing and promotional material should state the number of rooms, and the nature of how nicely a room is decorated is often a subjective matter. One person may love the décor of a home while another person may find it to be appalling. However, if the property is listed in the correct manner, the potential buyer will see the decoration and be able to make up their own mind about how the property looks.

Be prepared for the key questions buyers will ask

However, as much as you can minimise the questions a buyer will ask, there will be questions where you cannot provide everything in the property listing. One of the most important, and common, questions a potential buyer will ask is “what is the neighbourhood like?”

This is an area the vendor should be able to offer guidance and advise. A good estate agent will provide insight, but if you have tips on how to make the best out of local life, you should look to share this. Anything which makes buyers feel as though they can settle and feel at home in the area is of benefit.

A good agent will provide guidance and information on the standard of local schools, on what transport is like, and information about the general area. While buyers are looking for a bricks and mortar property, there is no denying that feeling at home is often as much about the community around you, and how you feel.

If the vendor and agent cannot create a positive atmosphere for potential buyers, it becomes difficult for the buyer to imagine themselves living in the area.

If you plan on selling your home, it is vital you know what buyers want, and what they will ask for. At Austin Property Services, we are here to help you connect with buyers, and make sure you give them exactly what they need.

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