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It is wrong to think there is a universal way to work remotely. Yes, if you have a laptop (or even a tablet or smartphone) and an internet connection, you can do some work. Some roles require more equipment, but as a basic introduction to remote working, if you have this equipment, you can be productive.

Home office equipment is in significant demand

Therefore, consumer information about home office equipment purchased in March 2020 focuses on the key items people need. In March 2020, e-commerce data suggests there was an increase of 172% in computer monitor purchases. There was also a spike of 104% for office chairs and office desk purchases increased by 89%. These are all key components of remote working, and a lot of people made a swift and sizable investment.

A lot of remote workers would have quickly found there is a difference between sending a few emails and doing a full days’ work. Anyone who thought remote working was about watching TV with your laptop in front of you will have changed their opinion given the past few weeks.

Another area where the change in working practices can be seen is with the use of technology. Video chat and conference calls are at the heart of how we communicate now, and there has been a significant increase in the use of video technology.

Video conference calling is crucial

Zoom is one of the leading companies operating in this field, and they have released jaw-dropping statistics that quickly show the demand for video services. In December 2019, Zoom hosted an average of 10 million meetings each day. For March 2020, Zoom hosted an average of 200 million meetings every day.

Google also provide an interesting piece of information as to how people are working remotely. They provided information stating in April 2020, there was a 190% increase in searches for Garden Office Pods.

This possibly indicates some homeowners don’t have the space to work in their house, or they are unable to find peace to carry out their work. If you have space in the garden to add an office pod, and the funds to invest, it will bring short and long-term benefits.

When it comes to the property market in years to come, there is a good chance home office space will influence buyers in their searches. While no one can predict what will happen in the future, it is likely many more people and businesses will make remote working an integral part of their working activities.

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