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Not everyone has a pet and not everyone likes pets, so if you are a pet owner selling your home, you need to take additional steps to ensure your home appeals to likely buyers. There are steps you can take to make your house more appealing and as is often the case in life, you should accentuate the positives while minimising any negatives around your home.

Accentuate the positives

If you are selling your home to a pet-lover, the presence of a few pet-friendly items might make the home more attractive to them. Also, the presence of a few photos of you and your dog can create a homely atmosphere that pet-owners will associate with.

Like all mementoes, you shouldn’t bombard prospective buyers with these images, but if you know a likely buyer has a pet, a few well-placed images and items can help you connect with a buyer.

Also, if you own a dog and the area features a number of walking areas, make sure you pass this information on. The local community and what is on offer around people is as important as the house itself, so make sure prospective buyers see the benefits of the house and surrounding area.

Minimising the damage caused by pets around the home

It is best to be proactive when selling your home, so consider the issues caused by your pet, and then take steps to rectify these problems.

Review your floor, wall, furniture and outdoor areas for damage

Pets are playful and will often cause damage to parts of your home. As a pet owner, this is part and parcel of your relationship, and is often something you don’t give a second thought to. However, it is something a buyer will see, and will likely not appreciate. Therefore, look over your home for the standard damage caused by pets, and repair it.

Remove stains caused by pets, including odours

Even though physical viewings aren’t a priority right now for many vendors and buyers, don’t forget odours. If you have had a pet for some time, you might have become used to the smell around your home.

Of course, this is something a prospective buyer will recognise straight away, so do your best to neutralise smells and remove stains.

Review your garden if your pet has freedom to play there

Again, if your pet is part of your family, you might take certain things for granted. If your pet plays in the garden, be mindful of damage they cause, of holes they dig and even what they leave in the garden. Before you place your home on the market, review the garden and make sure it is in a presentable condition.

If you are hosting a viewing, physical or virtual, it would be of benefit to displace your pet for the duration of the viewing. This will prevent any distractions from occurring.

We know many people have questions and queries right now, and we are here to help as best we can. Please get in touch with Austin Property Services if there is anything, we can assist you with.

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