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As we deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely many of us will re-evaluate what is important to us. There will be changes to small things in our life, and there will also be alterations to the essential factors.

An example of significant change will happen in the workplace, and remote working is likely to become more prevalent. Not everyone who works in Bournemouth will be able to work from home, so we should never think this is an issue which affects everyone.

However, there are many professionals based in Bournemouth who work in offices locally, and further afield, who will be able to spend more time at home. This change will likely affect what people deem to be important about their home.

Also, for people outside of Bournemouth, the town becomes much more appealing. Anyone who has desired the more relaxed lifestyle on offer here, but who has been tied to an office or workplace elsewhere, might find remote working provides them with the ideal opportunity to move to the area.

As we move forward, and traditional working practices evolve, the makeup of property buyers in and around Bournemouth is likely to change too.

Remote working is expected to increase

Attic Self Storage has carried out research which indicates 41% of office workers expect to continue working from home. 44% of respondents said that home working was the most productive way for them to work.

The company also spoke to office workers, broken down across 67% working for SMEs and 33% working for sizable firms. 28% of this group said that company bosses would be unlikely to call employees back to work in a costly office space.

19% of respondents say they expect the office to close down, and for staff members to work from home. This will provide significant savings for many companies.

25% of remote workers intend to carry out changes at their home to ensure it is multi-functional. 27% of home workers plan to convert their property or decorate to make home working easier. 36% plan to declutter their home to aid remote working.

The study compiles the most productive places to work from home as being:

1. Kitchen table / dining area

2. Sofa / living room

3. Bedroom

4. Home office/ study

5. Garden / garden shed

6. Balcony

7. Garage

8. Children’s room

9. Campervan

10. Bathroom

Some professionals want to go it alone

37% of respondents say they plan to set up their own venture because of the pandemic. Of this group, 12% want to work as their own boss, 10% enjoy the thought of location independence and 9% want to spend more time with their loved ones.

The study lists the leading industries respondents want to start their new business in:

1. Technology and software

2. Freelancer / Consultant

3. eCommerce

4. Finance/ investments

5. Arts & crafts

6. Property / construction

7. Travel / tourism

8. Hospitality

9. Health/ Fitness

10. Education

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz is the founder and CEO of Attic, and he said; “We have seen an increase in business leaders and Kitchen Table Talent opting for storage over office space or upsizing their properties over recent months.”

Sophie Scott is the Senior Partner and global Managing Director of technology, FleishmanHillard. She spoke about remote working, saying; “Our research shows that the vast majority of people don’t want ways of working to just return to ‘normal’, as some employers start to plan for a return to physical offices. Jobs we previously thought could only be done from the traditional workplace have adapted, and workers have discovered they enjoy many parts of remote working.”

Sophie continued by saying; “It’s not all been easy though, with many identifying the inability to communicate in person as a key challenge, as well as finding it harder to separate work and home. It’s clear though that many of the communications tools that we have been completely dependent on during lockdown will play a far greater role in day-to-day work than they did before Covid-19 suddenly disrupted our lives.”

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